GS 2022 art 164

GS 2022 Article 164 – OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church)

1.   Material

  • 1.1    Report of the CCCNA ( on the OPC.

2.   Admissibility

  • 2.1    The report was declared admissible.

3.   Decisions

Synod decided:

  • 3.1    To continue the relationship of Ecclesiastical Fellowship (EF) with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) under the adopted rules;
  • 3.2    To mandate the Committee on Ecumenical Relations (CER) to submit its report to the churches six months prior to the convening of the next general synod.

4.   Grounds

  • 4.1    Re 3.1: Though the COVID-19 pandemic hindered contact since 2019, the relationship with the OPC remains very beneficial.
  • 4.2    There has been good cooperation with the OPC in regards to the Reformed Churches in The Netherlands (GKv).
  • 4.3    The interchurch relations committees were able to make use of the OPC model of interchurch relations in their Study Report (Majority and Minority) to GS 2022.
  • 4.4    The OPC has expressed the need for help in its many mission projects.