GS 2007 art 161

GS 2007 Article 161 – Finance Report Synod Chatham 2004

The advisory committee presented its proposal:

1.      Material

  • 1.1     Financial statement from Chatham
  • 1.2     Audit report from Kerwood

2.      Observations

  • 2.1     The Finance Committee for Synod Chatham 2004 reported that the total expenses were $30,221.50. The committee itemized this as follows:
Office supplies$1,099.80
Acts of Synod14,832.00
Travel – Eastern delegates2,342.10
Travel – Western delegates4,222.22
  • 2.2     Kerwood reported that, upon auditing the books of Synod Chatham, they found everything to be in good order.

3.      Considerations

  • 3.1     The financial records and the audit indicate that all financial matters relating to Synod Chatham have been handled satisfactorily.
  • 3.2     A Finance Committee needs to be appointed to take care of the finances of Synod Smithers 2007.

4.      Recommendation

Synod decide:

  • 4.1     To accept the report of the Finance Committee of Synod Chatham 2004 and to thank the committee for the work done.
  • 4.2     To accept the audit report of Kerwood and to thank this church for the work done.
  • 4.3     To appoint to the Finance Committee for Synod Smithers 2007: Bernice Hamelink, Dick Bandstra and Ralph Paize.
  • 4.4     To charge the Finance Committee for Synod Smithers 2007 to report to the next synod.
  • 4.5     To appoint the church at Houston to audit the books of the Finance Committee of Synod Smithers 2007 and to report to the next synod.