GS 1983 art 114

GS 1983 ARTICLE 114Address Church

Committee IV presents:

A.  MATERIAL –    Agenda VIII. M, 6

Report of the “Address Church,” the Church at Burlington-East.


  • 1.  Synod Smithville 1980 appointed the Church at Burlington-East as “Address Church”:
  • 2.  The “Address Church” received and acted upon the following material:
    • a.    A request by Miss Ruth A. Moses, Nigeria, West Africa, for Am. $260.00 to pay off her study debts. Unless instructed otherwise, we would pass this re­ quest on to Canadian World Relief Fund
    • b.    A request from Festus Oguh, S. Mankato, MN 56001, USA, for financial sup­ port to finish his college studies in order that he can help “the hungry peo­ple of the world beginning from the worst part of Africa.” We suggest that this request is not responded to.
    • c.    A request from Richard H. Taylor, Andover. CT 06232, USA, for some historical data about our Churches. This information has been given to him by us.
    • d.    A request by Sarah N. Lee, Arlington, TX 76011, USA, for the address of all our Churches, with a view to her graduate project. Unless instructed other­ wise. we will not grant this request.
    • e.    A request from Rev. Dr. C.L. Chilton, Phoenix, AZ 85018, U SA, for a sample copy of “your periodical.” We suggest that this request does not receive a reply.


  • 1.  With the exception of request c. there is no indication that the “Address Church” has responded to the communications received.
  • 2.  The “Address-Church” should not pass on the request of Miss Ruth A. Moses to the Canadian Reformed World Relief Fund; it acted correctly by not granting the request of Festus Oguh. S. Mankato, MN, 56001, USA.


Synod decide:

  • 1.  That the “Address Church” should acknowledge the receipt of communications to those who sent them.
  • 2.  That the “Address Church” should either itself provide general information about the Canadian Reformed Churches, wherever so requested, or should pass on addresses from which this information can be obtained.
  • 3.  To thank the Church at Burlington-East for the work done.
  • 4.  To reappoint the Church at Burlington-East as the “Address Church” of the Cana­dian/American Reformed Churches and to request it to ensure that it be known as the Church to which communications for the Canadian Reformed Churches should be addressed.

The Recommendations D, 1, 2, 3, and 4 are