GS 1983 art 113

GS 1983ARTICLE 113Archives –  General Synod 1980

Committee IV presents:

A.  MATERIAL –   Agenda VIII, M. 5

Report from the Church at Burlington-West re the Archives of Synod 1980 (Smithville)


  • 1.  The Church at Burlington-West reports that it has examined the Archives of Synod 1980 (Smithville) and has found them in good order;
  • 2.  It reports that one item identified as M. 2 Audit Report of the Finances re General Synod Toronto 1974 (Article 49 of the Acts of Synod 1980) was missing although the substance of the report is included in the Acts.
  • 3.  Article 49 of the Acts of Synod 1980, B, 3, reads: The Consistory of the Church at Brampton did audit the books of the financial committee of Synod 1974 and reports that they were in good order.


Synod decide:

  • 1.  To express its thankfulness to the Church at Burlington-West for having examined the Archives of Synod 1980 (Smithville).
  • 2.  To appoint the Church at Burlington-West to examine the Archives of Synod 1983 (Cloverdale).

The Recommendations C, 1 and 2 are