GS 1983 art 115

GS 1983 ARTICLE 115Bible Translations

Committee IV presents:

A. MATERIAL –  Agenda VIII, M, 7

Report of the Committee for Bible Translations ap­pointed by Synod Smithville 1980.


  • 1.  The Committee on Bible Translations received the mandate by Synod Smithville 1980
    • a.   To continue to make recommendations to the Standard Bible Committee for changes necessary in the Revised Standard Version Translation .
    • b . To keep the Churches posted as to the developments in new editions of the Revised Standard Version .
    • c. To report to next Synod.
  • 2.  Due to the departure of Prof. H. Ohmann to The Netherlands , Acts, Art . 111. C.  4. and the special studies of Professor C. VanDam. in connection with the Theological College, as well as the distances between the committee members. the committee was apparently unable to carry out its mandate.
  • 3. A vacancy has arisen in the Committee because of the departure of Prof. H. Ohmann.


Synod decide:

  • 1.   To reappoint the Rev. P. Kingma and Prof. C. VanDam to the Committee on Bible Translations with the same mandate as noted under observations: 1. a, b. c.
  • 2.  To add Rev. J. DeJong of Burlington-South to the Committee to fill the present vacancy, and to replace Rev. J. Geertsema of Surrey by Rev. J. VanRietschoten of Chatham in order to overcome the problem of traveling distances between the members.

The Recommendations C, 1 and 2 are