Interchurch relations

Interchurch Relations:

The exercise of CO article 50 in the Canadian Reformed Churches, 1951-2021

GS 2019 (art. 149) mandated the committees for interchurch relations of the Canadian Reformed Churches (the CRCA and CCCNA) to submit a study report with recommendations on how best to exercise the duties prescribed in CO article 50. This study involved researching how the CanRC have gone about this in the past. A document was produced which seeks to present as comprehensively and yet briefly as possible what the past has looked like. Please be aware that this document has been privately produced and has no ecclesiastical endorsement.

That document is available in both Word and PDF. The Word version might be easier to navigate, as the document makes use of both footnotes and endnotes. (Note: the report that draws on this document can be found here: Report to Synod 2022 from the CRCA and CCCNA.)

To see the Word version, click here.

To see the PDF version, click here.