GS 1986 art 84

GS 1986 ARTICLE 84

General Fund (See Art. 75)

Committee 1 presents:


– Agenda VIII, K, 3 Report of the Church for the Administration of the General Fund, the Church at Carman.


  • 1.    The Church at Carman asked of the churches $1.00 per communicant member in the period 1983 – 1985.
Total Income9044.96
Total Expenses$ 7533.04
Bank Balance per Jan. 31/86$1511.92
  • 2.     There is one outstanding account, the Immanuel Church at Edmonton, which owes $165.00.
    • The Church at Smithville has overpaid $279.50.
  • 3.     The consistory of the Church at Carman has audited the books of the treasurer of this Fund, and found the books in good order.


Synod decide:

  • 1.     To express gratitude to br. H. Veldman, treasurer of the General Fund, for the work done during the past three years.
  • 2.     To thank the Church at Carman, as church for the administration of the Fund. for auditing the books of the treasurer, and to discharge the Church at Carman from the responsibility over the period 1983 – Jan. 1, 1986.
  • 3.     To request the Church at Carman to urge the Immanuel Church (Edmonton) as yet to pay the amount in arrears.
  • 4.     To request the Church at Carman to obtain information from the Church at Smithville as to whether this church should be credited the amount of $279.50.

The recommendations are ADOPTED.