GS 2022 art 76

GS 2022 Article 76 – Appeal against RSW 2021 Art. 33 (Hymn Cap Overture – procedure)

1.   Material

  • 1.1    Appeal against RSW 2021 Art. 33 from the Chilliwack CanRC asking GS 2022 to judge that RSW 2021 erred in the way in which it dealt with submissions from Chilliwack (and other churches), in processing an overture presented to RSW 2021 by Classis Pacific East (CPE) Sept. 2020 (

2.   Admissibility

  • 2.1    The appeal was declared admissible.  However, it was noted that Chilliwack neglected to submit a copy of the relevant Acts of RSW 2021, as well as a copy of the original overture as submitted by CPE as part of their appeal.

3.   Decision

Synod decided:

  • 3.1    To deny the appeal of the Chilliwack CanRC against the procedure followed by RSW 2021 (Art. 33).

4.   Grounds

  • 4.1    Though Chilliwack contends that “an overture should come from a local congregation, not a major, or broader, assembly” and concludes, on the basis of that belief, that “it is prohibited to alter any submissions by anyone, after it (sic) has been presented” to a major assembly, this is an incorrect understanding of the nature of overtures.  Although overtures originate with a consistory, they are presented to the major assemblies for adoption.  Major assemblies have the right to amend overtures, for the sake of their adoption.  An adopted overture then becomes the overture of the major assembly which adopted it.
  • 4.2    If a major assembly were to amend an overture in such a way that it no longer honoured the original intent of the minor assembly which submitted it, that would, indeed, be improper.  However, the information which Chilliwack excerpts from the Acts of RSW 2021 shows that RSW honoured the original intent of the overture submitted by CPE Sept. 2020.  The amendments made by RSW 2021 served to strengthen the argument of the overture.
  • 4.3    Chilliwack cites excerpts from the Acts of RSW 2021 as suggestions that their submissions were not dealt with impartially.  Chilliwack did not, however, submit a complete copy of the relevant portions of the Acts RSW 2021, or of the overture that originated with the Vernon CanRC and was submitted by CPE Sept. 2020 to RSW 2021, or the “list of concerns” presented by Chilliwack to RSW 2021.  It is, therefore, not possible, or appropriate, for GS 2022 to make a judgement in this matter.