GS 2022 art 77

GS 2022 Article 77 – Appeal against RSW 2021 Art. 33 (Hymn Cap Overture – grounds)

1.   Material

  • 1.1    Appeal against RSW 2021 Art. 33 from the Chilliwack CanRC ( in which it appeals the overture from RSW to remove the so-called “Hymn Cap”.

2.   Admissibility

  • 2.1    The appeal was declared admissible. 

3.   Decision

Synod decided:

  • 3.1    To deny the appeal of the Chilliwack CanRC against RSW 2021 Art. 33.

4.   Grounds

  • 4.1    Chilliwack “wishes to appeal the overture from RSW.”  Churches may interact with overtures by means of letters, but by their very nature, overtures cannot be appealed.
  • 4.2    Though Chilliwack asserts that the decision of Chatham 2004, must first be proven to be in conflict with either the word of God, or the church order”, they have not demonstrated that the decision of RSW 2021 was in conflict with either the Word of God, or the CO.
  • 4.3    Though Chilliwack asserts “that RSW 2021 has wronged the churches by its decision to present the overture to GS 2022 without first proving the error of our current practice”, previous decisions can be revisited as proposals(which includes overtures) substantiated by new grounds.