GS 2019 art 46

GS 2019 Article 46 – General Synod Archives

1.   Material

  • 1.1    Report on the Inspection of Archives for GS 2019 (

2.   Observations

  • 2.1    No report was received from the Archive Church for general synods (i.e. the Burlington-Ebenezer CanRC).
  • 2.2    The Burlington-Rehoboth CanRC inspected the archives of GS 2016 and reports that they are complete and in good order.

3.   Considerations

  • 3.1    While it was not mandated by GS 2016, it has been customary for the Archive Church to report to general synod on its activities since at least 2007. It is a good practice to keep the churches informed by means of such regular reporting. At the same time, it is clear from the inspection report that Burlington-Ebenezer has continued to faithfully keep the archives in order and up to date.
  • 3.2    Burlington-Rehoboth has fulfilled its mandate regarding inspection of the archives.

4.   Recommendations

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1    To express gratitude to Burlington-Ebenezer and Burlington-Rehoboth for fulfilling their mandates;
  • 4.2    To reappoint Burlington-Ebenezer as Archive Church and Burlington-Rehoboth to inspect synod archives;
  • 4.3    To appoint one of its members to validate and submit to the treasurer of the General Fund all expenses being submitted for committee work;
  • 4.4    To mandate both the Archive Church and the inspecting church to report to the churches on their activities six months prior to the next general synod.