GS 2013 art 36

GS 2013 Article 36 – Financial Report of General Synod Burlington 2010

Committee 4 introduced its report and noted that while the Financial Report had been submitted to the convening church on time, it had inadvertently not been passed on to general synod. Synod agreed to receive the Financial Report from the Burlington-Ebenezer Church and add it to the agenda (8.2.12.a). The report was presented as follows:

1.         Material:

  • 1.1.      Financial Report of Synod 2010 Burlington from Burlington-Ebenezer (8.2.12.a)
  • 1.2.      Audit Report from the church of Burlington-Fellowship (8.2.12.b)

2.         Observations:

  • 2.1.      The Finance Committee of Synod Burlington 2010 submitted a report outlining the finances of Synod 2010.
  • Income:
    • Regional Synod East              $11,785.36
    • Regional Synod West               11,785.36
    • Total Receipts                          23,570.72
  • Expenses:
    • Travel – East                           $ 2,337.23
    • Travel – West                             7,542.22
    • Office Supplies                           2,967.02
    • Postage                                        1,387.77
    • Rentals                                                       613.48
    • Food                                            5,035.21
    • Misc                                            1,064.27
    • Network                                      2,623.52
    • Total Expenses                        23,570.72
  • Net Balance                                                $ 0.00
  • 2.2.      The church at Burlington-Fellowship reports: “After having reviewed the financial records as provided by the Financial Committee for the 2010 Synod of the Canadian Reformed Churches, we have found the records to be complete and in good order. The examination revealed no irregularities and all transactions were well documented.”

3.         Considerations:

  • 3.1.      The report from the auditors indicates that all financial matters pertaining to Synod Burlington have been dealt with in a satisfactory manner.
  • 3.2.      There is a need for a Finance Committee to be appointed for taking care of the financial matters of Synod Carman 2013.

4.         Recommendations:

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1.      To accept the audit report of Burlington-Fellowship and to thank this church for its work in reviewing the finances of Synod 2010;
  • 4.2.      To appoint to the Finance Committee for Synod Carman-West: John Veldman, William Vanderpol, Dale DeWit and John Bergsma.
  • 4.3.      To mandate the Finance Committee for Synod Carman-West to report to the next synod
  • 4.4.      To appoint the church of Carman-East to audit the books of the Finance Committee of Synod Carman-West and to report on the same to the next synod.