GS 2013 art 187

GS 2013 Article 187 – Motion to the Amend the Acts – Article 114

Committee 5 put forward a proposal to strike out Article 114 (in order to replace it with a new decision). This was the result:

Synod decide to strike Art 114 from the Acts and in its place insert the following words: “This article has been deleted and replaced with Article 196.”


  • 1.         Article 114 as originally adopted is formulated in such a way that the printing of the final version of the Book of Praise is seen to occur after the next general synod (2016). This timing was suggested so as to give the Australian sister churches (who also use our Book of Praise) further opportunity to give their input.
  • 2.         Upon further reflection it has become apparent that there are no other reasons to delay the publication of the final version. While it is regrettable that circumstances are such that the Australian churches, who also use the same Book of Praise, have not been able to give all the input they might have liked, the Canadian Reformed Churches need to move forward with producing the finalized Book of Praise for their own use.


See also Article 144 in these Acts for background to this decision.