GS 2013 art 111

GS 2013 Article 111 – SCBP – Appointments

1.         Material:

  • 1.1.      Report from the SCBP, Section 7.0 (8.2.4); nomination letter from the SCBP (8.2.4b)
  • 1.2.      Letters from the churches at Burlington-Fellowship ( and Hamilton-Cornerstone (

2.         Observations:

  • 2.1.      The SCBP reports that Dr. A. J. de Visser requested to be relieved from serving as a committee member after completion of the term ending in 2013and that Dr. C. van Halen-Faber and Rev. D. G. A. Agema are due to complete their terms in 2013.
  • 2.2.      The SCBP feels it would be good to maintain the number of members on the Committee at five.
  • 2.3.      The SCBP proposes to Synod Carman 2013 to reappoint br. C. J. Nobels to one 3-year term (to 2016) and Rev. G. Ph. Van Popta (convenor) to one 3-year term (to 2016). Alternate: br. Martin Jongsma.
  • 2.4.      In a separate letter the SCBP recommends that br. Arie DenHollander, Dr. Jannes Smith and Rev. Dick Wynia be appointed to the Committee.
  • 2.5.      The SCBP proposes that, in view of the completion of the major revision of the Psalms and Hymns sections of the Book of Praise, the two advisors, br. F. Ezinga (music) and Dr. K. Dieleman (language) be released from their respective tasks and thanked for their contributions in the revision process.
  • 2.6.      The church of Hamilton-Cornerstone provides Synod Carman 2013 with a recommendation for appointment to the SCBP.
  • 2.7.      The church at Burlington-Fellowship suggests various qualifications for appointment to the SCBP.

3.         Considerations:

  • 3.1.      The SCBP’s suggestion to maintain the number of committee members at five is reasonable given the number of corrections and revisions that still need to be done to the APV.
  • 3.2.      Since the bulk of the revision of the Psalms and Hymns has been completed, br. F. Ezinga and Dr. K. Dieleman no longer need to be on the committee as advisors, though the Committee can seek advice whenever there is a need for it.
  • 3.3.      The letter, containing the recommendation of three men to fill the vacancies on the committee, provides a list of their respective skills and talents which shows that they are suitable candidates.

4.         Recommendations:

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1.      To thank Dr. A.J. de Visser, Rev. D. G.J. Agema and Dr. C. van Halen-Faber for their work as SCBP members.
  • 4.2.      To thank br. F. Ezinga and Dr. K. Dieleman for their contributions and to release them from their respective tasks.
  • 4.3.      To reappoint br. C. J. Nobels and Rev. G. Ph. Van Popta as requested in the Report.
  • 4.4.      To appoint br. A. DenHollander to three 3-year terms (to 2022), Dr. J. Smith to two 3-year terms (to 2019)and Rev. D. Wynia to three 3-year terms (to 2022).