GS 2010 art 6

GS 2010 Article 6 – Advisory Committees of Synod

The following committees were appointed:

Committee 1

  • Members:         C. DeHaas, J. Kuik, J. Louwerse, J. Visscher (convener), W. Weidenhammer
  • Topics:             CCU and Appeals
  • Agenda Items: 8.2.a,b,c,d; 8.3.a,b,c,d; 8.4.a; 8.5.d,e

Committee 2

  • Members:         J. VanWoudenberg, R. Schouten (convener),  W. Horsman, B. Stulp, R. Klaver
  • Topics:             CCCNA, Pastoral Training Program, Official Website, Bible Translation, Appeals
  • Agenda Items: 8.2.f,h,i,k; 8.3.f,h,i,k; 8.5.f,k,l,m,t,u,z

Committee 3

  • Members:         J. Moesker (convener), D. Wynia, A. Bax, J. Jonker, H. Vanderwel
  • Topics:             Book of Praise, Appeals
  • Agenda Items: 8.1.e,g; 8.2.j; 8.3.j; 8.5.b,c,h,j,n,o,p,q,r,y

Committee 4

  • Members:         J. DeGelder (convener), P. Holtvlüwer, C. Poppe, W. Raap, A. VanDyke
  • Topics:             Theological College, Theological Training Subcommittee, Women’s Voting, Appeals
  • Agenda Items: 8 .1.d,f,h,i,l,m,n,o,q,t,u; 8.2,e,g,l; 8.3.b.20; 8.3.e,g,l; 8.4.b; 8.5.a,i,s,v,w

Committee 5

  • Members: R. Aasman, D. Agema, P. Feenstra (convener), A. Pol
  • Topics: CRCA, Appointment of Professors, General Appointments, Address Church, Archive Church, Churches Appointed to Proclaim Day of Prayer, General Fund Church, Miscellaneous Items
  • Agenda Items: 8.1.c,j,k,p,r,s; 8.2.m-q; 8.5.g,x; 9