GS 2010 art 5

GS 2010 Article 5 – Housekeeping Matters

After receiving a proposal from the officers of synod the following was decided:

  • 1.           Presence on the Internet: Synod will publish the Acts of Synod on the church website as they become available. However, as the Acts are adopted, Synod will decide whether there are any decisions which should not be immediately posted on the Internet.
  • 2.           Privileges of the floor: Synod will give the floor to all official representatives of the churches in ecclesiastical fellowship.
  • 3.           Time Schedule: Monday to Friday                                  morning session – 9:00 – 12:00                         afternoon session – 2:00 – 5:00                          evening session – 7:00 – 9:00
  • 4.           Devotions: Synod shall begin and close each day in plenary session with Scripture reading, a short meditation, prayer and singing. A schedule will be handed out.
  • 5.           Press Release: A press release will be published after synod has been closed.
  • 6.           Committees: Advisory committees shall provide each delegate with a copy of their reports before they are dealt with in plenary sessions.
  • 7.           Synod Documents: Copies of synod documents are available only to members of synod and fraternal delegates and observers.
  • 8.           Guidelines: For all procedures the Guidelines for Synod will apply.
  • 9.           Travel expenses: Expenses are to be submitted, with receipts, to br. H. Sloots and M. Kampen. Delegates are to be reimbursed for travel costs at 40 cents per km. This amount is not to exceed the cost of flying.