GS 2010 art 178

GS 2010 Article 178 – Concluding Matters

Censure ad Article 34 CO

Rev. Aasman stated that censure ad Article 34 of the CO was not needed.

Publication of the Acts

The first and second clerks are responsible for preparing the Acts for publication.

Financial Matters

No additional financial matters were reported.

Preparation of next General Synod

Aside from changes to the Guidelines for General Synod as well as the appointment Carman West as convening church for General Synod 2013 mentioned earlier, there were no further matters needing attention.

Adoption of the final Articles of the Acts

Members of Synod were requested to review the Acts received and to forward any further corrections to the clerk. The executive members of Synod will review and adopt the final articles of the Acts.

Approval of Press Release

The press release will be prepared by the vice-chairman and approved by the executive members of Synod for publication.