GS 2010 art 159

GS 2010 Article 159 – Letter from Chatham-Ebenezer

1.         Material

Letter from Chatham-Ebenezer (8.1.p).

2.         Observation

Chatham-Ebenezer, having reviewed the Acts of Synod Smithers, decided to address some concerns to Synod Burlington-Ebenezer regarding how General Synod operates. Chatham-Ebenezer states: “While this correspondence may be interpreted as critical in nature, the purpose is to provide constructive criticism and perhaps be of assistance to any future decisions.”

3.         Consideration

Chatham-Ebenezer requests no specific action from Synod other than to take note of its concerns as it goes about its work.

4.         Recommendation

That Synod decide to receive this correspondence for advisement.