GS 2010 art 115

GS 2010 Article 115 – SCBP: Contact with the FRCA

1.          Material

  • 1.1       SCBP Report, Section One, 4.0 (8.2.j).
  • 1.2       Letters from Grand Valley (8.3.J.9) and Coaldale (8.3.J.11).
  • 1.3        Acts of Synod Legana, Article 42, VI (Final Acts on the FRCA Website).

2.          Observations

  • 2.1         A couple of churches have drawn our attention to the need to communicate to our sister churches in Australia to give them ample opportunity to comment on a revised Book of Praise.
  • 2.2        The only official communication of the SCBP with the FRCA has been about the copyright of the current Book of Praise.
  • 2.3        Synod Legana 2009 of the FRCA has instructed its deputies to “scrutinize the revised sections for the Book of Praise especially the completely revised Psalter, and that portion of the 28 additional hymns to be adopted at the CanRC synod 2010” and “to invite comments from the churches on these revisions” (Article 42).

3.         Considerations

  • 3.1        Our sister churches in Australia exclusively use the Book of Praise for their worship.
  • 3.2         They are interested in being involved in the development of our Book of Praise.
  • 3.3        It would be considerate and prudent to include the FRCA in the final revision process.

4.          Recommendation

That Synod decide:

  • 4.1        To instruct the SCBP to continue to maintain good contact with the Australian Deputies for the Book of Praise.
  • 4.2        To make available to the FRCA deputies the provisional edition of the Book of Praise, and to give the Australian churches opportunity to comment on this version to the SCBP via Synod Armadale 2012.
  • 4.3        To empower the SCBP to incorporate helpful input of the Australian churches in the proposal for the finalized edition of the Book of Praise to be presented to Synod 2013.
  • 4.4        To report on the contacts with the FRCA to Synod 2013.