GS 2007 art 2

GS 2007 Article 2 – Credentials

The credentials were examined and all brothers were properly delegated. From among the ministers delegated, two ministers were alternates for the brothers Clarence VanderVelde and Richard Aasman who informed the meeting in writing that they could not attend. The following brothers were in attendance:

From Regional Synod East:

Ministers: Douwe G.J. Agema, Peter G. Feenstra, Eric Kampen (alternate), Gijsbert Nederveen, Anthon Souman and John VanWoudenberg

Elders: Harry DeVries, John G. Heyink, Chris J. Nobels, Gerard J. Nordeman, Ebel H. Pol and Fred Westrik

From Regional Synod West:

Ministers: Clarence Bouwman (alternate), Peter Holtvl├╝wer, John Louwerse, Robert A. Schouten, James Visscher and William M. Wielenga

Elders: Henk A. Berends, Peter DeBoer, Jacob Kuik, Ben Meerstra, Art Poppe and Albert VanLeeuwen