GS 2007 art 168

GS 2007 Article 168 – Appeal from Guelph re Art. 7 of Regional Synod East 2005

The advisory committee presented its proposal:

1.      Material

  • 1.1     Appeal from Guelph against Regional Synod East 2005

2.      Observations

  • 2.1     Guelph appeals the fact that Regional Synod East 2005 declared an overture inadmissible because “the churches did not receive a copy of this proposal in advance of Regional Synod, and so did not have the opportunity to interact with it” (Acts Regional East 2005, Art. 7).
  • 2.2     Guelph states that this proposal was sent to the church convening regional synod on time.
  • 2.3     Furthermore, Guelph states that the proposal was time sensitive in that it had to do with a change made by the government of Ontario regarding marriage.

3.      Considerations

  • 3.1     While it is regrettable that the convening church of Regional Synod East 2005 did not send this proposal to the churches, the fact that it neglected to do so does not mean that regional synod should have proceeded to deal with it in any case.
  • 3.2     On the basis of the documents supplied to synod, it is not possible to judge the time sensitive nature of this matter. Furthermore, there does not appear to be a time sensitive clause in the Regulations of Regional Synod East that would have allowed it to override its normal rules.

4.      Recommendation

Synod decide:

  • 4.1     Not to sustain the appeal of Guelph.


Rev. VanWoudenberg and br. Westrik abstained from voting according to Art. 32 CO.