GS 2004 art 90

GS 2004 Article 90 – Acronyms

Committee 1 presented its proposal on the letter from the church at Chatham re: Acronyms.  After several rounds of discussion, the following was adopted:

1.    Material

Letter from the church at Chatham re: Acronyms

2.    Admissibility

This letter is declared admissible.

3.    Observations

The church at Chatham requests General Synod to instruct committees reporting to Synod to include a list defining the different acronyms in reports.

4.    Consideration

The practice of including the acronym in brackets the first time a name is mentioned is a better system to note the meaning of the acronym. However, if it is also helpful for the reader of the reports to include a glossary of the different acronyms, Synod could recommend it.

5.    Recommendation

Synod decide to accede to the request of the church at Chatham.