GS 2004 art 67

GS 2004 Article 67 – Deadlines for the Reports of Synodical Committees

Committee 1 presented its proposal on letters from various churches re: deadlines for reports of synodical committees.  After a few rounds of discussion, the following was adopted:

1.    Material

  • 1.1.   Letter from the Maranatha Church at Fergus re: Deadlines for reports synodical committees
  • 1.2.   Letter from the church at Lincoln (section 2) re: the same matter
  • 1.3.   Letter from the church at Orangeville re: the same matter
  • 1.4.   Letter from the church at Yarrow re: the same matter

2.    Admissibility

The material is declared admissible.

3.    Observations

  • 3.1.   Due to the fact that several reports were submitted after the deadline as stipulated in the regulations, the Council of the Maranatha Church at Fergus proposes that General Synod Chatham 2004 not deal with the content of the:
    • 3.1.1. Report of the Committee for the Promotion of Ecclesiastical Unity
    • 3.1.2. Report of the Board of Governors of the Theological College of the Canadian Reformed Churches
    • 3.1.3. The Addendum to the Report re: Church Order
    • 3.1.4. The supplementary report CRCA re: the Netherlands and the CRCA Budget 
  • 3.2.   The Council of the church at Fergus considers that it would be inappropriate for Synod to deal with these items, as there was simply inadequate time to study and discuss them as Council.
  • 3.3.   The church at Orangeville conveys that it was uncertain whether its Council would have sufficient time to properly discuss the recommendations of the reports that were received late and still submit a response six weeks before General Synod, as is required by the regulations. The church at Lincoln expresses the same sentiments.
  • 3.4.   In view of the late arrival of several reports, the Council of Yarrow requests “that Synod does not exercise the rules for admissibility of material as it relates to the above mentioned reports, and allow the material to be admissible for General Synod Chatham.”

4.    Considerations

  • 4.1.   Synod agrees with these churches that matters submitted by these committees, as a rule, should be submitted at least six months before General Synod and that late submission causes undue difficulties to the churches.
  • 4.2.   Synod also agrees with the church at Yarrow that if there are good reasons for late arrival, such materials may still be admitted (Guidelines I.A and I.D).
  • 4.3.   In the case of these particular reports, a decision not to admit them would not be in the interest of the churches and of the work done by these committees. The latter applies especially to the Report from the Board of Governors of the Theological College, which arrived late without any reason being given.

5.    Recommendations

Synod decide:

  • 5.1.   Not to accede to the request of the church at Fergus, but to admit the respective reports.
  • 5.2.   To remind the committees to prepare and present their reports within the timeframe, agreed upon in the “Guidelines for Synod” (Acts of Synod Abbotsford 1995, Appendix 2, p. 103).