GS 2004 art 63

GS 2004 Article 63 – Finance Committee Synod Neerlandia 2001

Committee 3 presented its proposal concerning the Finance Committee Synod Neerlandia 2001.  After several rounds of discussion, the following was adopted:

1.    Material

  • 1.1.   Report of the Finance Committee Synod Neerlandia 2001
  • 1.2.   Report of an audit from the church at Barrhead

2.    Admissibility

The reports are admissible.

3.    Observations

  • 3.1.   The Finance Committee for Synod Neerlandia 2001 reports that the total expenses were $16,821.02.  The committee itemizes this as follows:
    • Office supplies                         $1,093.18
    • Miscellaneous 608.06 Rental/Leases        1,211.73
    • Travel/Accomodations East        6,364.38
    • Travel/Accomodations West 3,502.62
    • Postage         429.11
    • Kitchen         2,799.04
    • Bank charges               66.70
    • GST paid                                     746.21
  • 3.2.   The church at Barrhead reports that, upon auditing the books, everything was found to be in good order.
  • 3.3.   The church at Barrhead expresses its concern with respect to the lack of receipts received from delegates requesting reimbursements. Barrhead recommends “that a standardized request for reimbursement form be created that the delegates should fill out when requesting reimbursement for expenses paid. Also receipts should be required to be included with the requests.”

4.    Considerations

  • 4.1.   Synod receives with thankfulness the audit report by the church at Barrhead.
  • 4.2.   Synod notes that financial reports of previous synods included the printing of the Acts. The report of the Finance Committee Synod Neerlandia does not include this item.
  • 4.3.   Regarding the concern of the church at Barrhead, Synod notes that Synod Neerlandia considered that the Finance Committee should assure that there is financial accountability. In light of this task, the Finance Committee should consist of at least three members.
  • 4.4.   Synod agrees with the recommendation of the church at Barrhead to make a standardized form for reimbursement. Synod also agrees with the church at Barrhead that it is important to include all possible receipts along with the request for reimbursements. Synod notes that the church at Chatham is already using a form for reimbursements. The church at Chatham should give a copy of this sheet to the convening church of the next General Synod.

5.    Recommendations

Synod decide:

  • 5.1.   To accept the report of the Finance Committee Synod Neerlandia 2001 and thank the committee for the work done.
  • 5.2.   To accept the audit report of the church at Barrhead, and thank the church at Barrhead for the work done.
  • 5.3.   To appoint a Finance Committee for Synod Chatham 2004, consisting of the brs. Mike De Boer, J. Holsappel and R. van Middelkoop.
  • 5.4.   To charge the Finance Committee to submit a report to the next General Synod.
  • 5.5.   To appoint the church at Kerwood to audit the books of the Finance Committee of Synod 2004 and report to the next General Synod.