GS 2004 art 28

GS 2004 Article 28 – CCCA re: The Igreja Reformadas do Brasil (IRB)

Committee 1 presented its proposal on the CCCA report re: The Igreja Reformadas do Brasil (IRB). After a round of discussion, the following was adopted:

1.    Material

Report of the CCCA re: the Igreja Reformadas do Brasil (IRB)

2.    Observations

  • 2.1.   Synod Neerlandia 2001 mandated the CCCA “to maintain contact with the IRB under the adopted rules for Ecclesiastical Fellowship.”  This mandate was interpreted by the CCCA to mean that our churches should offer and enter into Ecclesiastical Fellowship with the IRB.
  • 2.2.   The committee felt that in the initial stages of our contact with the IRB it would be most beneficial to involve the Canadian churches conducting mission in Brazil (i.e. Surrey Maranatha and Hamilton) in order to fulfill its mandate (e.g. sending greetings via their official visitors and delegates to Brazil).
  • 2.3.   The committee reports that our sister churches (GKN-Liberated) also have contact with the Igreja Presbiteriana do Brazil (IPB). Synod Zuidhorn decided to work towards a tri-partite dialogue with the IRB and the IPB. Our committee is of the opinion that as an independent church federation, the IRB is entitled to solve an issue that is primarily Brazilian.
  • 2.4.   The committee requested br. A. Nap to represent our churches at the IRB Synod 2000. In his report to the CCCA, br. Nap shows that the IRB has enjoyed growth since 1976 and is experiencing positive developments towards a mature federation. Br. Nap also made the following observations:
    • The contact with the IRB will, for a substantial part, remain a committee-level contact.
    • It is mandatory to send Portuguese-speaking observers to future Brazilian synods.

3.    Considerations

  • 3.1.   Synod agrees with the committee in its evaluation that at this time it is most feasible to maintain indirect contact via the sending churches.
  • 3.2.   Synod agrees with the committee’s opinion that, as an independent church federation, the IRB is entitled to solve issues that are primarily Brazilian, such as contact with the IPB.

4.    Recommendations

Synod decide:

  • 4.1.   To thank the committee for its work in our contact with the IRB.
  • 4.2.   To express gratitude to the Lord for the growth and positive developments in the IRB.
  • 4.3.   Tocontinue the relationship of Ecclesiastical Fellowship with the IRB under the adopted rules.
  • 4.4.   To mandate the CCCA to maintain contact with the IRB either directly or indirectly.