GS 2004 art 117

GS 2004 Article 117 – Concluding Matters


Opportunity was given for censure ad. Art. 34 C.O.  The chairman noted with gratitude that the meeting could take place in good harmony.

Publishing of the Acts

The first and second clerks of Synod Chatham 2004 were appointed to prepare the Acts for publication.  The second clerk was instructed to remind all committees to send as many copies of reports as there are office bearers per church (Guidelines for General Synod III.B).  He was also instructed to ask all committees to send four copies to the Theological College.

Financial Matters

There were no additional financial matters reported.

Preparation for the next General Synod

In accordance with Article 15 of these Acts, the following motion was made and adopted:

  • To change the Guidelines for General Synod I.A to read: “All material for Synod should be received by the convening Church (in thirty copies) no later than six weeks prior to the convocation date of General Synod….”

The church at Smithers was appointed to convene the next General Synod in May 2007.

Acts of Synod

The assembly agrees that the moderamen will scrutinize and adopt the last few articles of the Acts.

Press Release

The assembly also agrees that the moderamen will approve the press release for publication.