GS 2004 art 106

GS 2004 Article 106 – Archives Synod Neerlandia 2001

Committee 3 presented its proposal on the report re: the archives of Synod Neerlandia 2001.  The following was adopted:

1.     Material

Letter from the church at Burlington-Waterdown re: inspection of the General Archives

2.     Admissibility

This letter is declared admissible.

3.    Observation

The church at Burlington-Waterdown informs Synod that the archives of Synod Neerlandia 2001, housed by the church at Burlington-East, and kept by br. G. Denbok, were duly inspected by two members of their consistory and found to be in good order

4.    Recommendations

Synod decide:

  • 4.1.   To thank the church at Burlington-Waterdown for examining the archives and reporting to Synod;
  • 4.2.   To thank the archive keeping church at Burlington-East; 4.3. To thank br. G. Denbok.