GS 2001 art 89

GS 2001 Article 89Book of Praise: Letters from br. D. Teitsma

Committee 3 presented its proposal concerning the letters from br. D. Teitsma with suggestions and concerns about the Book of Praise. The following was adopted:

1. Material 

Letters from brother D. Teitsma containing some suggestions and concerns regarding the Book of Praise.

2. Observations

  • 2.1. Brother D. Teitsma interacts with matters dealt with by Regional Synod West December 2000, and provides information, suggestions and concerns re: an overture by the Church at Abbotsford presented at that Regional Synod.
  • 2.2. Brother Teitsma also makes a proposal to have the book, “Op Weg Naar Een Englse Reformatorische Psalmbundel” (Report by deputies to Synod Homewood-Carman 1958) translated and made available.

3. Considerations

  • 3.1. The letters from brother D. Teitsma contain suggestions and concerns that should have come on the agenda of Synod in the ecclesiastical way: via Classis and Regional Synod (CO Article 30).
  • 3.2. Brother D. Teitsma could direct various suggestions and concerns to the Standing Committee for the Book of Praise for consideration.

4. Recommendation 

Synod declare the letters from brother D. Teitsma inadmissible.