GS 2001 art 8

GS 2001 Article 8Appointment of New Professor

Synod met in closed session to discuss the appointment of a new professor for the Theological College. Committee 1 presented its report. The following was adopted:

1.    Material

  • Letter of the Board of Governors of the Theological College of the Canadian Reformed Churches, dated April 2,2001.

2.    Observations

  • 2.1.    There will be a vacancy in the New Testament department effective the end of the academic year 2000-2001.
  • 2.2.    The board of Governors proposes Drs. Gerhard H. Visscher of Waterdown, Ontario to be appointed as professor of New
  • Testament to fill this vacancy.
  • 2.3.    Drs. Gerhard H. Visscher is in the process of completing his doctoral studies at McMaster University in Hamilton.

3.    Considerations

  • From the information supplied by the Board of Governors, General Synod considers that Drs. Gerhard H. Visscher is well qualified for this position.

4.    Recommendations

  • 4.1.    General Synod direct the Board of Governors to appoint Drs. Gerhard H. Visscher as Professor New Testament as of June 1,2001.
  • 4.2.    General Synod encourage the Board of Governors to facilitate arrangements, if so needed, for Drs. Gerhard H. Visscher to complete his studies.

Synod also decided to contact Rev. G. H. Visscher to inform him of this appointment and to invite him to visit the Synod.

Closed session was terminated.