GS 2001 art 64

GS 2001 Article 64Report on the General Fund

Committee 2 presented its report on the General Fund maintained by the Church at Carman-East. The following was adopted:

1. Material

Report Church at Carman-East re: General Fund.

2. Observations

  • 2.1. The Church at Carman-East submits a financial report of the General Fund for the period from January 21, 1998 – February 14, 2001. The income was $28,369.75. The disbursements were $24,506.84. The balance as of February 14,2001 was $3,862.91. For further details, see the Report in the appendices.
  • 2.2. The books were audited by two office bearers of the Church at Carman-East and found to be in good order.

3. Considerations

The Church at Carman-East has faithfully fulfilled its mandate.

4. Recommendations

Synod decide:

  • 4.1. To thank the Church at Carman-East and the treasurer, br. G. Vandersluis, for keeping the books.
  • 4.2. To discharge the Church at Carman-East of duties completed during the period from January 21,1998,to February 14,2001.
  • 4.3. To reappoint the Church at Carman-East to administer the General Fund.
  • 4.4. To authorize the Church at Carman-East to collect funds from the churches as required.