GS 2001 art 43

GS 2001 Article 43Free Reformed Churches: Rev. L. W. Bilkes

Rev. L. Bilkes addressed the Synod on behalf of the FRCNA. He expressed joy at being in the midst of brothers in the faith. He reflected on why in the days of the Reformation there could be unity, which does not seem possible today. He spoke of some of the stereotypes and differences, which can only be overcome by discussion. He also encouraged local contacts as well as interaction as office bearers. It was pointed out that the unity for which our Lord prayed also teaches us our obligation to work for it. He wished the Synod the Lord’s blessing.

On behalf of Synod, Rev. W. B. Slomp responded. He reflected on the benefits that the contacts have had for the Canadian Reformed Churches. He also acknowledged that while much work still needs to be done, our hope and goal should remain federative unity. Thankfulness was expressed for the official contact initiated by the FRCNA Synod of 2000. He also concluded with reference to the prayer of our Lord for the unity of the Church.