GS 2001 art 3

GS 2001 Article 3Election of Officers and Constitution of Synod

The following officers were elected to serve Synod for its duration:

  • Chairman: Rev. Cl. Stam
  • Vice-Chairman: Rev. R. Aasman
  • First Clerk: Rev. E. Kampen
  • Second Clerk: Rev. G. Ph. van Popta

On behalf of the convening church, Rev. W. B. Slomp declared Synod constituted. The elected officers were invited to take their places. In the absence of the chairman, the vice-chairman, Rev. R. Aasman, took the chair. He thanked the convening church for the work done in preparation for Synod. It was decided to take a break in order to give the moderamen an opportunity to make some arrangements for the proceedings of Synod.