GS 2001 art 26

GS 2001 Article 26Welcome new professor: Rev. G.H.  Visscher

The Reverend Cl. Stam arrived and took over the chair. He reflected on the importance for all the churches in the federation of a minister being called to become a professor at the Theological College. He expressed gratitude that Synod could come to this appointment and congratulated Rev. G. H. Visscher on the appointment. After the singing of Ps. 72:10 the chairman asked Rev. G. H. Visscher to address the assembly. In his address, Rev. G. H. Visscher acknowledged the trust placed in him. He reflected on the long course of studies since his days in Houston, BC, and expressed appreciation for the support of the churches he served during the course of his studies. He spoke of his present study at McMaster University at Hamilton. He testified that, as it had been a joy to serve the churches in various congregations, he now looked forward to serving in the capacity of professor. With this he made known his acceptance of his appointment. The chairman led in prayer of thanksgiving for this acceptance as well as for the work done by Rev. J. Geertsema and for the blessing of and upon the Theological College in general. This was followed by a short break in which there was opportunity to congratulate Rev. G. H. Visscher and wish him the Lord’s blessing. (The written text of his address can be found in the appendices.)