GS 2001 art 15

GS 2001 Article 15Request from Hekman Library

Committee 1 presented its proposal concerning the request from the Hekman Library to obtain copies of past synodical reports. Synod adopted the following:

1.    Material

  • 1.1.    Letter of the Church at Burlington-Ebenezer.
  • 1.2.    Letter of the Hekman Library.

2.    Admissibility

  • These letters are declared admissible.

3.    Observations

  • 3.1.    The Hekman Library of Calvin College requests to purchase the “synodical reports” of “our organization” for their library collection.
  • 3.2.    The Church at Burlington informed the Hekman Library that our Acts historically have been filed for internal use and reference only, but that Synod Fergus 1998 has Acts available for public viewing on the Internet.
  • 3.3.    The Church at Burlington indicated that Synod 2001 would have to decide about publication of previous Acts for the Internet.

4.    Considerations

  • 4.1.    The request from the Hekman Library is reasonable considering that the Acts of Fergus 1998 have been published for the general public on the Internet.
  • 4.2.    Synod has not decided to publish past Acts on the Internet.
  • 4.3.    Copies of Acts of past Synods can be obtained privately.

5.    Recommendation

  • 5.1.    Synod direct the Church at Burlington-Ebenezer to assist the Hekman Library as best as it can, and as it deems advisable.