GS 1998 art 77

GS 1998 Article 77 – General Fund

Committee IV presents: Agenda Item I.H


Report from the church at Carman re: General Fund


  • A. The church at Carman, MB, submits a financial report of the General Fund for the period from February 6, 1995 to January 20, 1998. The income was $29,505.86. The disbursements were $24 801.13. The final balance was $4 704.73.
  • B. The books were audited by two office bearers of the church at Carman and found to be in good order.
  • C. The church at Carman notes that the churches have already been assessed 2 times $2 per confessing member to cover the costs of the General Fund.
  • D. The church at Carman requests Synod to thank br. G. Vandersluis who has taken care of the books for the General Fund.


It is within the mandate of the church at Carman to request funding as required.


Synod decide:

  • A. To express gratitude to the church at Carman for the administration of the General Fund, to the office bearers who audited the books, and to brother G. Vandersluis for keeping the books.
  • B. To authorize the church at Carman to collect fund from the churches as required.
  • C. To discharge the church at Carman of duties completed during the period of February 6, 1995, to January 20, 1998, and reappoint the church at Carman for the General Fund.