GS 1992 art 68

GS 1992 ARTICLE 68Appeal of srs. A. Burger, J. Kruyswijk, W. Sikkema and A. Sikkema

Committee III presents: Agenda item VIII D14

This is discussed in closed session.


Letter from sr. A. Burger, sr. J. Kruyswijk, sr. W. Sikkema and sr. A. Sikkema, Grand Rapids, USA re a decision of Regional Synod East Nov. 13-14, 1991.


  • A. From the material submitted it appears that sr. A. Burger, sr. W. Sikkema, sr. J. Kruyswijk and sr. A. Sikkema were excommunicated from the church at Grand Rapids, USA.
  • B. Since they are appealing a decision of Regional Synod East, November 13-14, 1991 that involves their excommunication, Synod decide to declare this appeal admissible (Art 31 C.O.).


Synod judge that Regional Synod East of November 13-14, 1991 erred in considering that Classis Ontario South of March 13-14, 1991 advanced new grounds with respect to the matters raised in the Appellants’ letter of May 22, l990, items a, b, c and d. Therefore the matter has not been finished at the minor assembly.