GS 1989 art 131

GS 1989 ARTICLE 131

Committee III presents: Agenda Item VIII, E, 6


Letter from the Church at Calgary, AB, re guidelines for General Synod (Cloverdale, 1983, Art. 45): quotes in foreign languages in appeals and the like.


  • 1. The Church at Calgary notes that many office-bearers no longer have a working knowledge of the Dutch language and are unable to competently evaluate arguments which cite Dutch works without translation.
  • 2. The Church at Calgary requests Synod to amend the Guidelines for Synod (as adopted by Synod Cloverdale, 1983, Article 45) to include under Section I the following guideline:
    • All material submitted to Synod, including Reports, Appeals, Overtures which quote any foreign language source must provide in the text of the submission a full English translation and in a footnote the citation in the original language.


The Church at Calgary is correct in noting that not all delegates to major assemblies have a working knowledge of the Dutch language.


Synod decide to accede to the request of the Church at Calgary and amend, with the above addition, the Guidelines for Synod, Section 1 C accordingly.