GS 1986 art 71

GS 1986 ARTICLE 71

Letter br. L. VanZandwyk

Synod enters into a closed-restricted session. Committee 3 presents:


– Agenda VIII. A. 4, 5: Letter and Supplementary Letter of br. L. Van ­Zandwyk (dated 28/03/86 and 8/04/86 resp.).


  • 1.     Br. L. VanZandwyk lays charges against Prof. Dr. J. Faber on the basis of a certain statement in Dr. Faber’s articles in Clarion regarding the word “Chris­ tian” in the Apostles’ Creed.
  • 2.     Br. L. VanZandwyk attached to his letter to General Synod a copy of a letter sent by him to the Board of Governors of the Theological College with the same charge.


  • 1.     The churches have entrusted the supervision over the doctrine and life of the faculty of the Theological College to the Board of Governors and its Academic Committee (Theological College Act, Section 5, sub. 11, e; By-Law No. 1, Sec­tion 3.16 and Section 8.02).
  • 2.     Br. L. VanZandwyk made known to General Synod that he has laid his charge against Dr. J. Faber before the Board of Governors of the Theological College.
  • 3.     Synod trusts that the Board of Governors will deal with this charge in a proper way.


Synod decide:

not to deal further with these letters. The recommendation is ADOPTED.

Closed-restricted session is terminated.