GS 1986 art 60

GS 1986 ARTICLE 60

Bible Translation

Committee 1 presents:


–  Agenda VIII, K, 2: Letter from the Committee on Bible Translations.


  • 1.     The Committee on Bible Translations sends a letter instead of a report.
  • 2.    It appears that the General Synod of 1983 failed to notify the convener of this committee, the Rev. J. van Rietschoten, of his appointment to the committee and his task as convener.
  • 3.     General Synod of 1983 failed to give the committee a “continued or otherwise new mandate” according to the committee.
  • 4.     Diverse circumstances prevented the committee from fulfilling its task. The members were unable to finalize their work; the time simply was not available.


  • 1.     General Synod of 1983 gave the Committee on Bible Translations a clear man­ date, as noted in the Acts, Art. 115, C. 1.
  • 2.    Since it is important that the churches are vigilant with respect to the developments concerning the Bible translation which is in use in the churches, the inability of the committee to fulfill its mandate is to be deplored.


Synod continues the Committee on Bible Translations with the same express man­ date as decided by the General Synod of Smithville of 1980, Acts, Art. 111, C, 4, urging this committee diligently to pursue this matter and to report to the next General Synod.

The recommendation is ADOPTED.