GS 1986 art 34


Accepting Appointment Professor Designate J. Geertsema

The Rev. J. Geertsema receives the floor and speaks as follows: ” Mr. Chairman,

On April 15 I received a letter from the Board of Governors of our Theological Col­lege, directed by this General Synod, informing me concerning my appointment.

I have come to the conclusion that this appointment and calling that comes to me through the advice of the Senate and the decision of this General Synod, comes from the Lord and His churches. On the basis of this conviction I herewith accept this appointment.

Further, I promise you as Board, and in you the churches, that I will fulfill the duties of this calling to the utmost of my ability, serving, in the first place, our Lord, who bought for Himself His church for the price of His blood, and, in the second place, the churches for which Christ Jesus showed such an incomprehensible, saving love.

It is my prayer and hope that our Lord may grant me the strength and ability to fulfill this task of teaching the New Testament to future ministers of His Word, who will be servants of the churches. in such a manner that they, and I, may increasingly learn to love intensely, to read correctly, and to understand rightly, in humble sub­mission, the second part of the Holy Scriptures to the glory of our Lord, and to the edification of the churches.

Thus, I hope and pray that I may be an instrument in the hand of the Lord, the Head of the Church, that serves the proclamation of, and the instruction in, His Word in true faithfulness, with spiritual conviction and with christian enthusiasm. and that, in that way, I may serve the preservation and further gathering of the church and the coming of His kingdom.”

The Rev. J. Geertsema presents to the chairman his letter of acceptance , to be handed over to the Board of Governors.

The chairman responds to the Rev. J. Geertsema’s speech with some well-chosen words and wishes him strength and the fulfillment of his task.

The chairman addresses also the Rev. J. Mulder in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Governors. Next he addresses Prof. Dr. J. Faber, the Principal of the Theological Col­lege. Also, to Prof. L. Selles, the retiring professor, some appropriate words of apprecia­tion are spoken.