GS 1986 art 190

GS 1986 ARTICLE 190


General Synod makes the following appointments:

  • 1.     . Board of Governors
    • A.    Ministers (Eastern Canada):
      • The Revs . P. Kingma, J. Mulder, and Cl. Starn
    • Substitutes:
      • The Revs. J. VanRietschoten , M. Werkrnan, and J. DeJong (respectively).
    • B.    Ministers (Western Canada):
      • The Revs. M. van Beveren, M. VanderWel, and J. Visscher
    • Substitutes:
      • The Revs. B.J. Berends, C. VanSpronsen, and J.D. Wielenga (respectively).
    • C.    Non-ministers:
      • The brs. H. Buist, C.G. Heeringa, H. Kampen, C.M. Loopstra, and A.L. Vanderhout.
  • 2.    Committee on Relations with Churches Abroad
    • The Revs. Cl. Starn, M. van Beveren, and J. Visscher (convener), and the brs. E.C. Baartrnan, H.A. Berends, and A.C. Lengkeek.
  • 3.     Standing Committee for the Book of Praise
    • The Rev. J. DeJong, Profs. Dr. J. Faber and C. Van Darn, Dr. W. Helder (convener), br. M. Kampen, sr. H. Van Halen, and br. J. Van Huisstede.
  • 4.    Committee on Contact with the Orthodox Presby1erian Church
    • The Revs . R. Aasrnan, J. Mulder (convener), Dr. J. Faber, and the brs. J. Boot, and T.M.P. VanderVen.
  • 5.     Committee on Bible Translations
    • The Rev. J. DeJong, Prof. J. Geertserna, Rev. P. Kingma, Rev. J. VanRietschoten (convener), and Prof. C. VanDa rn.
  • 6 . Churches for Days of Prayer
    • The Churches at Burlington West and Edmonton (Providence).
  • 7.    Church for the Administration of the General Fund
    • The Church at Carman.
  • 8. Church for the General Archives
    • The Church at Burlington East.
  • 9. Church for the Inspection of the General Archives
    • The Church at Burlington West.
  • 10. Church to Audit the Finances of the 1986 General Synod
    • The Church at Burlington East.
  • 11. The Address Church
    • For Canada: the Church at Burlington East. For the U.S.A.: the Church at Grand Rapids.
  • 12    . The Committee for the Printing of the Acts
    • The first and second clerks e.t. of the 1986 General Synod.
  • 13. The Convening Church for the Next General Synod
    • The Church at Winnipeg. General Synod is to be convened in the fall of 1989. General Synod decides that the committees shall have the right. in case a vacancy occurs, to bring their membership up to its original strength in order to fulfill their mandates.