GS 1983 art 111

GS 1983 ARTICLE 111Finances –  General Synod 1980

Committee IV presents:

A.  MATERIAL –   Agenda VIII, M, 1

Report of the financial Commitee on Revenue and Expenses of General Synod Smithville 1980.

Agenda VIII, M, 2

Audit report by the Church at Lincoln re finances of General Synod Smithville 1980.


  • 1.  General Synod Smithville 1980. appointed the Church at Lincoln to audit the books of finances of Synod 1980. and to send a report to General Synod 1983 ( Acts 1980, Art. 49, C, 5).
  • 2.   From the rep ort regarding the finances of General Synod 1980, it appears that the total income was            
  • $ 22,047.35
  • total expenses                    $   21,844.56
  • Balance                              $        202.79
  • 3.  The Consistory of the Church at Lincoln has audited the book s of the financial committee of Synod Smithville 1980. and reports that they were found in good order.
  • 4.   The balance of $202.79 was recommended to be transferred to the convening Church of the next General Synod.


Synod decide:

  • 1.  To express its appreciation for the work done by the financial committee, Synod Smithville 1980.
  • 2.  To discharge  the financial committee 1980, on the basis of the  auditor’s report of the Church at Lincoln.
  • 3.   To appoint a financial committee, General Synod 1983, which will pay the ex­penses made by Synod 1983, using funds, submitted by the Regional Synods, as well as the balance of  the financial  committee  1980  which  was  forwarded to the convening Church, and to forward the balance after Synod Cloverdale 1983. to the convening Church of the next General Synod.
  • 4.  To appoint upon recommendation of the convening Church, the Church at Clov­erdale, the following brothers in the financial committee, Synod 1983: the brethren C. Leyenhorst, J. Dykstra and A. VanDyk.
  • 5.  To appoint the Church at Langley to audit the books of the finances of Synod 1983, and to send a report to General Synod 1986.

The Recommendations are