GS 1980 art 130

GS 1980 ARTICLE 130 – Book of Praise (Liturgical Forms) III. Form for the Baptism of Adults

A. Material – 

Agenda VIII, B. 8, 9, 21, 22.

B. Observations

  • 1. The Committee has served Synod with a corrected Revision Form for the Baptism of Adults, see mandate Synod Coaldale.
  • 2. See VI, B, Observation 1, b concerning the set-up also of this form.
  • 3. The Committee decided to maintain the “preamble” to the Form, “be it in the translation of the new Dutch preamble.”

C. Considerations

  • 1. The “new” preamble is simpler and more to the point than the old version and may therefore very well be adopted.
  • 2. The same changes should be considered in the first part of the form and in the prayers as were suggested in the Form for the Baptism of Infants.
  • 3. In the questions a split infinitive “to always lead” should be changed to “always to lead.”
  • 4. Consistency should be maintained in the opening line of the after baptism.
  • 5. The conclusion of the prayer should read,”… Thee, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit …” etc.
  • 6. The heading “Prayer before Baptism” should be re-located three lines down.

D. Recommendation

Synod decide to adopt the corrected revised version of the Form for the Baptism of Adults, as emended by Synod.