Ministry: To the Weak

(With his agreement, the author is anonymous).


A Broad Topic

The topic that we are dealing with is ministry to the weak. The topic as such is very broad, especially as you consider that there are many different kinds of weak members of the church. I searched the Internet, and paged through the various books that deal with ministry to the weaker members, and I discovered that there are not only all kinds of weaknesses, but also many kinds of all instructions as to how to deal with them.

That is not exactly the kind of speech I’m going to have. I’m not going to get into the details and give you a list of the many kinds of weak members that belong to our churches, or of a list of do’s and don’ts.

Laying a Basis

The best approach I believe to a topic like this is to lay the basis and to talk about how Scripture deals with this and especially how the Lord Jesus did it. I don’t want to deal so much with the details of how to care, but with the necessity of it. So as to create compassionate hearts. The rest will come automatically.

For that is the heart of the matter. If we have hearts of compassion, just like Lord Jesus did, then we will also act in the right way.

What, and in what way does the Lord teach us? Well, the Lord deals with us compassionately in spite of

  1. inbred weaknesses;
  2. habitual sins;
  3. weakness due to gender;
  4. the effects of sexual abuse;
  5. physical disabilities.

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