ARTICLE 52: Worship Services

The consistory shall call the congregation together for worship twice on the Lord’s Day.

The consistory shall ensure that, as a rule, once every Sunday the doctrine of God’s Word as summarized in the Heidelberg Catechism is proclaimed.

Texts of Implementation
Texts of Application
Texts of Commentary
Liturgical Texts

GS 2013 – Article 97

3. Considerations:

3.7.      Given that a Canadian Reformed translation of the Bible appears out of the question, the church at Abbotsford suggests making our own translation of specific parts of Scripture that have a direct bearing on our Book of Praise or our liturgy, e.g., the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the votum, etc. None of those passages, however, have been questionably translated in the NIV or the ESV and so a unique Canadian Reformed translation of these passages has no real grounds.

Orders of Worship

GS 2007 – Article 110

3. Considerations

3.2.1   The orders of worship are not mandatory but suggested: therefore it should be left in the discretion of the churches where to place the profession of faith.

Number of Sunday Worship Services

GS 2001 – Article 23

4. Considerations

4.6   The suggestion that the ERQ ought to adopt the historic practice of the Reformed churches of holding two worship services on the Lord’s Day is not valid since it is clear that the ERQ maintains the Lord’s Day as a special day. Although there is only one worship service, there are also hours of further interaction, including much conversation and instruction as well as a meal together. The report indicates that the Biblical principles of worship, teaching and fellowship are alive and well in the ERQ.