ARTICLE 2: The Offices

The offices are those of the minister of the Word, of the elder, and of the deacon.

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Place of Deacons

GS 2013 – Article 149

3. Considerations

3.3.      Some letters deal with major items and require input and direction from Synod, including the following:

Article 7 (et al) – Place of Deacons

Surveying the PJCO 2012 as a whole, it can be observed that the place of deacons seems to have been marginalized, without any rationale provided for this change. This is at odds with what we confess in Belgic Confession Article 30, where the elders, deacons and pastors together “form the council of the church.” As Aldergrove states, “The inclusion of the deacons in all aspects of Reformed Church government accords much better with our historical practices and roots dating as far back as Synod Emden 1571.” Articles in the PJCO where the deacons have been removed from the corresponding articles in our present Church Order include 7, 11, 15 and 56. The joint committee should work toward reinstating the role of the deacons within these articles.