GS 2022 art 6

GS 2022 Article 6 – Late Submissions

The executive presented recommendations regarding late submissions. The following was decided:

  • 1. The London-Pilgrim CanRC dd. April 10, 2022 re CanRC re CRTS supplement report.
    • Inadmissible: no reason was given for it being submitted past the deadline for submissions.
  • 2. Various letters of greeting from sister churches and contact churches.
    • Admissible: these qualify as addresses to General Synod.
  • 3. The Burlington-Ebenezer CanRC dd. April 30, 2022 re appointment of new archivist.
    • Received for information. It is for the Burlington-Ebenezer CanRC to decide as to who does the actual work it is mandated, not General Synod.
  • 4. The Carman East CanRC report re General Fund.
    • Admissible as it was mandated by GS 2019.