GS 2022 art 172

GS 2022 Article 172 – Submission of Committee Reports to the Churches and Synod

1.   Decision

Synod decided:

  • 1.1    That reports to the next general synod are to be sent to the churches in electronic format. Churches are free to make their own arrangements for printing if so desired. There will be no printed edition of the reports;
  • 1.2    To express gratitude to Premier Printing for serving the churches for many years by printing reports.

2.   Grounds:

  • 2.1    Requiring printed copies to be sent six months before the start of the next Synod takes away at least one month for committees to prepare reports, as they need to be sent to the printer at least one month before the deadline.
  • 2.2    Many elders read reports electronically. It will be more economical for churches to print only as many copies as needed.