GS 2022 art 144

GS 2022 Article 144 – KPCK (Kosin Presbyterian Church in Korea)

1.   Material

  • 1.1    CRCA Report 5: Korea (KPCK, IRCK, RCK) (

2.   Admissibility

  • 2.1    The report was declared admissible.

3.   Decisions

Synod decided:

  • 3.1    To continue Ecclesiastical Fellowship (EF) with the Kosin Presbyterian Church of Korea (KPCK) under the adopted rules;
  • 3.2    To mandate the Committee on Ecumenical Relations (CER):
    • 3.2.1   To continue to work cooperatively with sister churches in exercising our relationship with the KPCK in meaningful ways and to take turns visiting the KPCK’s General Assembly;
    • 3.2.2   To meet with their delegates at the next International Conference of Reformed Churches (ICRC);
    • 3.2.3   To submit its report to the churches six months prior to the convening of the next general synod.

4.   Grounds

  • 4.1    As far as can be determined, the KPCK demonstrate that they remain faithful churches. They abide by the Word of God as the only rule for faith and life and adhere to adopted confessions and church order.
  • 4.2    It is good to maintain ecumenical relations with the KPCK since we share the unity of the faith in Jesus Christ.
  • 4.3    Practically speaking, mainly due to language and cultural differences, our bond with them is minimal.
  • 4.4    EF will be enhanced by the fact that the CanRC now includes two ministers from South Korean background and that the KPCK delegates attended General Synod Guelph 2022.