GS 2019 art 82

GS 2019 Article 82 – CRTS – Professor NT

The chairman spoke some words of welcome to the Rev. Dr. William den Hollander, newly appointed professor of New Testament, and to the Rev. Richard Aasman, chairman of the Board of Governors.

Dr. den Hollander addressed Synod. He announced that he accepted the appointment. He explained that he, knowing himself to be a clay vessel, seeks strength in the power of Christ and knows he will find it there. His address can be found in Appendix 14.

The chairman expressed gratitude for the acceptance of the appointment. He noted the importance of the Word as our light in life, and how Dr. den Hollander has been entrusted with the task of teaching young men to open their eyes to behold wondrous things in God’s Word and thus to proclaim that Word.

The chairman then read a letter from the Rev. Dr. Gerhard Visscher, current professor of New Testament. The text of his letter can be found in Appendix 15.

The chairman expressed gratitude for the work of Dr. Visscher. He indicated a letter would be sent to Dr. Visscher and a token of appreciation would be given to him.

The Rev. Richard Aasman then spoke some words of gratitude, first for the CRTS, next for the labour of Dr. Visscher, and finally for the fact that Dr. den Hollander had been found to serve next. The chairman led in prayer and then had those present sing Hymn 85:1,3.