GS 2019 art 6

GS 2019 Article 6 – Housekeeping Matters

The executive presented recommendations on housekeeping matters. Synod decided the following:

1.    Presence on the Internet: Synod will publish the Acts of Synod on the federation website as they become available. However, as the Acts are adopted, Synod will decide whether there are any decisions which should not be immediately posted on the Internet. Confidential acts will not be posted.

2.    Privileges of the floor: Synod will give the floor to all official representatives of churches with whom the CanRC are in ecclesiastical fellowship.

3.    Time Schedule: Monday to Friday

  • morning session – 9:00 – 12:00
  • afternoon session – 2:00 – 5:00
  • evening session – 7:00 – 9:00

4.    Devotions: Synod shall begin and close each day in plenary session with Scripture reading, prayer and singing. A schedule will be handed out.

5.    Press Release: A press release shall be published after synod has been closed.

6.    Committees: Advisory committees shall submit their proposals via email to the first clerk before they are dealt with in plenary session. The first clerk will ensure distribution.

7.    Synod Documents: Copies of synod documents are available only to members of synod and fraternal delegates. Officially delegated observers will receive all non-confidential materials.

8.    Guidelines: For all procedures the Guidelines for Synod shall apply.

9.    Travel expenses: Expenses are to be submitted, with receipts, to br. Rob Duker.

10.  Roll call: Roll call shall take place each plenary session by means of a visual check by the executive.

11.  Advisory Committee Reports: Advisory Committee reports shall be submitted to the first clerk using the template provided.